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Enhance the subject of your image, fix blemishes, and get a naturally lit image.

Photo Retouching Services done by Fix The Foto
Photo retouching is also sometimes referred to as Photoshop retouching, airbrushing, or photo-shopping, is the process of making changes to a photo to improve the look of it. Not only are images expensive to take or have taken but even the most professional photos will have small imperfection that need photo retouching services. Whether you want to add a warmth and glow to a photo for a magazine layout, restore skin details and texture to a photo that was badly lit, improve natural colors and tone in an outdoor landscape, or add a new element to an indoor office photo shoot, Fix The Foto have the expertise and setup to help you with photo retouching/ airbrushing quickly and efficiently.

Photo retouching services at Fix The Foto


Dust, Spot And Scratch Removal


Jewelry Photo Retouching


Wrinkles On Clothing


Beauty Airbrushing


Camera Reflection Removal

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Photo Retouching Services Done by Fix The Fotos

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Every e-commerce side, online store industry needs Jewelry retouching. This process involves producing the glare on the tip of the jewelry, intensifying the color of the stones and brightening the entire jewelry to highlight it in the entire photo. The jewelry retouching is an important service as it helps in portraying the jewelry in perfect manner, without which the consumers will never be attracted to buy the jewelry.

Photo retouching, Dust, Spot And Scratch Removal services done by Fix The Foto

Dust, Spot And Scratch Remove:

On any photo, you will be able to see small scratches or dust or other errors. In some cases, it doesn’t matter but when it does matter you need the dust removed, the scratch gone or the spot removed.

Photo retouching services at Fix The Foto:

Fix The Foto have worked with hundreds of companies all over the globe to help improve their images via our photo retouching services – removing spots or blemishes from images, as well as more advanced color correction work. Our offshore graphic studio is available at any time of the day or night and we can provide quotes within one hour of submission. So whether you want to get an idea of your options, or need a rush job done overnight, we can help. Our skilled Photoshop retouching specialists can tackle any task – from a simple red-eye correction to a total overhaul of multiple image components. Moreover, we offer 24 hour email and online support, so you can make an inquiry and rest safe in the knowledge that one of our friendly advisers will be able to help you whatever the time of day.

Other considerations:

Although we can remove any “imperfection” from any surface and ensure that your images are faultless in every way, a model’s teeth to be whiter than white, or a model’s skin is completely flawless it is vital to a natural look not to overdo the airbrushing. Overdone Photoshop removes texture and life from a surface and may turn the nicest of smiles into looking false and artificial. Our graphical designers have many years of experience in these issues and will balance these factors.

Portrait photos retouching:

Got a great portrait photo but still want to enhance it? We can fix common digital images problems and turn the photo into something really wonderful. Pixel Expert bd means to retouch skin, eyes, nose, lips, do virtual makeup and hair styling to help look the best. Yes, there are many free photography retouching tools on the Web but they cannot provide the quality as high as a team of experienced human digital artists equipped with professional retouching techniques and software.

Eyes retouching:

The most common problem with eyes in digital photos – remove red eye – can be easily fixed without losing the look’s personality. But we can help and go further! We can change eye color in photo, remove dark circles and bags under eyes, correct bloodshot eyes. Our virtual stylist can make lashes longer or darker, reshape eyebrows and even apply virtual makeup adding eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara.

Teeth and lips retouching:

We are not dentists but you can trust us digital teeth whitening. Have to wear braces while taking portrait photos? We can remove braces in pictures and won’t tell your dentist. Even if the teeth are perfect the smile in the photo may be not photogenic, but it’s not a problem as we can fix it with retouch. We can plump lips in the photo to look hotter but still natural or opposite make them smaller if needed. Sometimes somebody may need to change the face shape in the photo. We can do it in a professional manner taking into account anatomic proportions. We can make cheekbones higher, cheek slimmer or plumper; reshape nose, chin or forehead.

Hair Retouching:

Our digital hairstylists can do all the hair-work in photos:

  • Change hair color, cover gray or baldness and even remove hair.
  • Lengthen, shorten, straighten hair or make curly.
  • Fix frizzy hair or change the hair style.
  • Remove, add or trim beards or mustaches.
  • Portrait retouching: skin, hair, makeup, background

You will get a great retouched portrait photo. Look at more portrait photos retouching examples Pixel Expert bd can do for you.

Body retouching:

Even though “the camera adds 10 lbs”due to optical illusions and distortions, we can diminish this effect by doing reversing body retouching in photo processing.

Our professional retouchers can enhance body proportions in the photo doing virtual body slimming and weight reduction. Enlarge breasts? Stretch and slim legs? Extend height? We can do it!

We can reshape any figure making it more brutal and muscular. As well as add tan, remove unnecessary body hair, cellulite, stretch marks or other skin imperfections.

Clothing also often needs retouching so we can iron it virtually, change or enhance the dress color, cut or enlarge it. We can do clothing replacement in the photo.