Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I give a test job as free as term of FREE TRIAL?

Yes! Fix The FOTO always like to show their work output by doing a test job as one image maximum as completely free of cost. Then you decide to work with us. Fix The FOTO hope you will be excited to see the quality. FREE TRIAL

2. When you pay for our work?

You pay after taking sample of your processed image only if you are satisfied with our work.

3. How I will able to pay you?

We accept payments through PayPal and bank transfer.

4. What if I have a problem with an edited image?

The Fix The FOTO processes your images very carefully. A team of experienced professionals ensures you high and quality of services. In case of problems just send us an e – letter stating the problem or make us a call and we will do everything to fix the problem.

5. How you think your working output is 100% appropriate?

Our production house are designed some very experienced guys who are worked individually and with farm for minimum 5 years each. So, I just can say our quality is high than other providers you will just see.

6. Can I get samples of your work?

Naturally, We provide our new customers a free sample of our work to be able to see the quality of our services before ordering them. It also does not require payment prior to completion and final inspection of the customer process.

7. What is the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the complexity of the work required, and quantity. We deliver within 6/12/24/36/72/96+ hours from the order confirmation. If you have an urgent request, just let us know and we will give priority to the completion of your image editor.

8. How do I send and receive my pictures?

Fix The FOTO like to get and give images using their secure and unlimited FTP server. Through FTP your account. If you are familiar with using FTP, please send us a request to open an account FTP and we will create it in just one hour. Also you can use your own FTP account if you have. In that case, simply provide us with your login details and we will collect your pictures. Also if you want to use another gateway, we appreciate that to transfer image files.

9. How do you make sure low cost services?

Here we got look about current market strategies and there just going a high competition where prices are a big fact. That’s why we decide to charge low rate without considering the quality.

10. If I want to pay you weekly or monthly?

If our client wants to give us payment weekly or monthly then Fix The FOTO support that only for a long term and regular business relationship. So, you may can.

11. Do you’ve any lower or upper limit of order submission?

We don’t have any term of image limitation that you want to get edited by Fix The FOTO. That can be a single image or few thousands no matter we can take load of.

12. What are the times of turnaround to complete the job?

Fix The FOTO 24/h 365 days by maintaining three shifting (8 x 3 = 24/h). So our turnaround time is very fast than other providers.

13. What is the maximum file size that you accept?

There is no limit to the file size. However, the uploader you have a limit of 64 MB per image, but you can add as many files as you want. To upload images larger than 64 MB, you must use the FTP account.

14. Are my all images secured enough to Fix The FOTO house?

All images when we received from our valuable client, the security issue/responsibility are comes to us with that. We take care with very carefully and prefer to up them by using our secured FTP server.

15. If I have thousands of photos, how will I transfer them?

No matter about thousands of images even no matter how weighted they are in total or individually. Our FTP drive are unlimited and secured enough. So weight and quantity is not a matter at all.

16. What kind of files can I send?

You can send your images in format JPG, TIFF, TIF, CR2, JPEG, PNG PSD file or EPS . However, sending files JPG , becomes faster.