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Fix The Foto cordially invites you for a real Free Trial to judge and compare our quality of works and performance before you send us any job. To prove our Zero Tolerance Quality and Service Policy we offer up to one Free Trial to our new clients. There is no obligation, no cost whatsoever for this TRIAL. Because we are so confident that with all this Free Trial you would open up your Business Door to us virtually with no time at all.

To ensure risk-free evaluation for quality, Fix The Foto offers Free Trial of up to one images to a new client. To give us an opportunity for further demonstration please take a precious moment to upload your Free-Trial-File using the form below. We guarantee that your completed Free Trial Files would be returned to you within 12-24 hours of time with a quote as to what Fix The Foto would have charged for this sort of service.

Once you’ve got sent your trial file, you will get a receiving confirmation with return time. After completing your Free Trial files we will send them to you with details info of similar pricing, payment method, file transfer procedure, etc.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.