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Showcase your vehicle photos more attractive with our professional car image editing services

What is Car Photo Editing?

Car Photo Editing is a service that allows customers to edit and enhance their car photos. This includes things like adding text, fixing lighting and color, and cropping the photo. Customers can also add filters, which can give their photos a more fun or trendy look. Car photo editing is the process of altering the appearance of a photograph of a car. Common alterations include removing blemishes, fixing scratches and dents, and changing the color or tint of a vehicle. Car photo editing services can help make your car photos look more professional and attractive. If you run an automobile business, it’s important to promote your photos heavily in order to represent your business well. Good-quality photos help promote your brand or business.

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Our Popular Car Image Editing Services

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Background Remove

Remove unwanted backgrounds from your car photos with our professional car photo editors. Car photo editors can remove any unwanted background and leave your car looking sharp on a white or light-colored background. They’ll zoom in on the images 300% to get rid of any background without leaving a trace, resulting in great-looking pictures on white backgrounds. With Fix The Foto, you can get the expert help you need to create high-quality images that will capture your audience’s attention.

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Retouching Services

Professional car photo editing can help improve the look and feel of your car photos. Car photo editing services can help you correct mistakes in your photos, such as poor lighting or crooked lines. With the help of experienced professionals, you can restore your shots to their original condition and give them a polished look. Our professional editors will help you improve the colors, remove unwanted objects, and make them look more stunning. You can also add special effects and adjust colors to make your images look their best.

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Background Replacement

Our car image background replacement service lets you swap out your current car photo for any background of your choosing. We offer a variety of backgrounds for car photography, including transparent and 100% white backgrounds, as well as solid colors. Whether you want a transparent background or something more substantive, our team of experts is sure to have the perfect background for you. We also use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to create special images that look more impressive to viewers.

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Color Correction

Most car dealers should promote their car photos with the proper color distribution. In most cases, the colors in a car image do not look perfect when it is post-produced. Fix The Foto can help achieve the best look when it comes to car images. We understand that not all photos of cars are going to be perfect. That’s why we offer a color correction service that will help dealers achieve the look they’re looking for without having to do any post-production work themselves. We have a team of experienced designers who can create car images that look perfect under any light condition.


Enhancement Services

Our experienced photo editors will improve the look of your vehicle images from different perspectives, including color adjustments, color correction, brightness, and contrast adjustment, fix unwanted EDGES, sharpening, removal of blemishes, and exposure adjustments. Whether you need a quick fix for a bad photo or want your vehicle photos to look their best from start to finish, our team can help.  Our Car Photo Editor specializes in retouching car images at our well-equipped image editing production house. By sending your raw car photo to us, we will enhance it perfectly.


Shadow Making Services

Some top-rated vehicle sellers and reputable companies upload their vehicle photography with perfect-looking shadows because viewers are used to seeing shadows in their real life. As a result, car images with shadows attract viewers more than stock photos. Are you looking to add some extra wow factor to your car photography? Our top-quality car reflection service can provide reflective shadows that will make your photos look 3x more attractive than before! This will help you create a positive impression with viewers and help you stand out from the crowd.